27.July 2009

Recently, you can see pictures and data of our latest project for a first impression of our work under the link below.

10.November 2010

Shortly you will find more information about our visit at the exhibition SÜDBLECH 2011 in Stuttgart.



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In this example, parts are transported at a very high speed through two presses.

The speed of the horizontal stroke is 1.200mm in 0,6 sek. That results in a cycle-time of: press- transfer from 6,6 to 7 seconds.

The finished parts are turned around 180° after the second press for proceeding.

What is automation?

Automation means the process of a mechanical transfer of raw parts through the different steps of an assembly. Because of the possible adjustments, a fit for nearly every individual shape is guaranteed and efficient programming raises the quality as well as production amount of the finished product. What we do is using the already proven systems of our customers, arrange our devices to the given details and in that way prevent them from unnecessary costs.

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